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New CurrencyFair feature: beneficiary emails

New CurrencyFair feature: Beneficiary Emails

✅ Now you can tick this off your To Do list.

CurrencyFair understand our customers lead busy lives and generally have a lot to keep track of.

We are excited to show you a clever new feature for all CurrencyFair account holders when you are transferring money out to a beneficiary bank account.

To reduce your To Do list, CurrencyFair can now notify the beneficiary on your behalf.

What will CurrencyFair do?

When you are sending money to a beneficiary with just one ✅ and by entering their email address, we can now let your beneficiary know the details of the transaction:

  • the exact amount that will arrive in their account

  • any extra details you wish to tell them about the transaction.

  • the estimated date of arrival of the funds in their account.

The amount they are notified about will be the total after CurrencyFair fees and charges are removed.

The beneficiary notification email is done automatically - so once that box is ticked and an email address is entered, that’s it.

It’s just one less thing for you to think of.

What types of transactions can I do this on?

Anytime you are transferring money to a third party bank account from your CurrencyFair account, you will be offered this option.

When you choose Auto Transaction: CurrencyFair  automatically exchanges and transfers the money out when it arrives, and you can now instruct us to notify the beneficiary.

When you Transfer Out: if you have exchanged at your own convenience and are ready to transfer the funds out, you can notify your beneficiary by email of the transaction details.

Why introduce this?

At CurrencyFair we like to know what you think. We have surveyed our customers and you told us this would be a helpful feature for you. In 2018, we have even more helpful updates and new features coming and as ever, you will be the first to know of these changes.

Will their email address be used for anything else?

In compliance with EU data regulation, we will not be using their email address for marketing or providing their email to 3rd parties.

We will only use it to notify them of your transaction details and amount you are sending to them - that’s it.

If you want to tell us anything else that would improve your CurrencyFair experience, drop us an email here

Email us


So get ready to see this new feature next time you exchange and transfer out - just one less thing to think of.

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