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New look, same great rates

Change is good when it makes life that bit easier.

That is why CurrencyFair was created. Back in 2010, we were a young upstart taking on the banks, making money transfers fairer and cheaper for all.

How time flies when you are beating the banks. Check out the first version of our website.  We’re still feeling a little ? sheepish about this one:

2010 CurrencyFair Website

We graduated from our ‘fleeceometer”  to a much more streamlined website in 2015:

2015 CurrencyFair Website

Then our trusty most recent site from 2017:

2017 CurrencyFair Website

From when we began CurrencyFair, our website has come a long way since 2010.

Now in 2018, we’re still taking on the banks, making money transfers fairer and cheaper for all - but with a more modern look - and without the sheep.

2018 CurrencyFair Website

This new version of means the website is:

  • Looking Better.

  • Loading Faster.

  • Easier to Navigate.

For all of our customers, no matter the device you are on. This means an overall better experience for you.

So whether you need to check a rate, send in or exchange money - all your favourites are still just one click away.

When you login, you'll see the same easy-to-use dashboard, ready for you to send money into CurrencyFair to be exchanged at the best available rates.

We feel 8 years younger already! If you want, let us know what you think about our website refresh and email

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