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Namaste to the Indian Rupee

Namaste to the Indian Rupee | CurrencyFair

Now you can transfer Indian Rupee with CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair began life with a missionto create a world of fair, transparent financial services for everyone.

With the support and trust of our community, we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new currency for our customers.



At CurrencyFair, we are always working to shine a light on the unfair fees and inflated exchange rates traditional banking providers have been charging their customers - including you. Say goodbye to hidden fees and charges on transfers of Indian Rupee. Say hello to the fair, transparent way to send your money to India.

It is time for a change - time for fast, secure money transfers to India

To celebrate the addition of the Indian Rupee, we have an exciting offer for our customers:


When you send in your money to be exchanged to Rupee, you typically get a rate that is about 0.5% off from the currency market rate. Most banks offer inflated exchange rates that contain hidden charges.With CurrencyFair you can exchange your money into Indian Rupee at rates that are up to 8 times cheaper than a typical bank It is easy to set up an account with CurrencyFair and to start saving on your money transfers to India.


Terms & Conditions

  • From January 21st, customers who transfer out Indian Rupees from their CurrencyFair account will not be charged a transfer-out fee - typically INR120. This offer expires 31 May, 2019




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