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Amazon Alexa skill | CurrencyFair

Alexa, ask CurrencyFair, what's my balance?

Money transfers just got easier.

Exchange money with CurrencyFair using voice

CurrencyFair customers in Australia and New Zealand can now use voice commands on Amazon Echo Alexa-enabled devices to access these features:

  • account balance queries

  • the ability to make an exchange within a user account

Customers in all territories can also use the CurrencyFair skill for Alexa as a rate calculator to check live exchanges rates including our transfer fee.

Our Amazon Alexa skill is just one of a series of innovations planned for 2019 that aims to make life easier for our customers while saving them money.

How to use the CurrencyFair skill for Alexa

To use the CurrencyFair skill for Alexa, CurrencyFair customers must first download the Amazon Alexa app. After downloading the app, customers can:

  1. Enable the CurrencyFair Skill in the Alexa app

  2. Talk to the CurrencyFair Amazon Alexa skill. When customers are ready to use the skill, they can ask Alexa:

"How much is 5,000 Australian dollars in euro?"

  1. CurrencyFair customers in Australia and New Zealand can link the skill to their CurrencyFair account: These customers set their unique, secure voice passcode when linking. A prompt to repeat their voice passcode for balance retrieval and exchanging money is an additional security measure.

Once linked to their CurrencyFair account, these customers can ask Alexa:


"What is my New Zealand dollar balance?"


to check a balance on their CurrencyFair account or ask,


"Make an exchange"


to begin making an exchange.

How to transfer money after exchanging with the CurrencyFair Alexa skill

As part of a transfer, the CurrencyFair skill for Amazon allows customers in Australia and New Zealand to exchange money in their accounts into any of our supported currencies using the CurrencyFair Alexa skill.

Customers can then login directly to their account via our >iOS or >Android apps or via  to transfer their money at any time.

Are there any restrictions?

The features for customers to

  • check the balance(s) on their account

  • exchange money in their account using the CurrencyFair skill for Alexa are restricted.

These two features are currently only available to customers in Australia and New Zealand who have enabled the CurrencyFair Alexa skill from and linked it to their CurrencyFair account. This is part of a customer trial.

A CurrencyFair skill for Alexa that allows all users to check live exchanges rates available with CurrencyFair is live globally. Just download and enable the CurrencyFair Alexa skill.


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