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CurrencyFair: Now available in Singapore

Tired of getting a bad deal from your bank on exchange rates?

Fed up with poor customer service and long waits to chat to a charmless live chat bot with your money transfer provider?

Well, we have excellent news for you!

CurrencyFair is now bringing its global money transfer service to the Lion City. This means that residents in Singapore can now access fast, secure money transfers at bank-beating exchange rates, while enjoying world-class service from our 5-star customer support team .

Save on money transfers from Singapore

CurrencyFair has a long history of helping people and businesses save money on their currency transfers.  Our competitive exchange rates make the cost of sending money cheaper than with a typical bank. To date, over 130,000 customers have saved the equivalent of over SGD$300m in excessive bank fees by using CurrencyFair’s online money transfer service.

With a CurrencyFair account customers will now be able to send money from Singapore by depositing in the following currencies to be exchanged:

  • ?? Australian Dollars (AUD)

  • ?? Euro (EUR)

  • ?? Pound Sterling (GBP)

  • ?? Singapore Dollars (SGD)

  • ?? US Dollars (USD)

How do I save on global money transfers from Singapore?

In our regulated online money transfer platform customers can exchange at the best available exchange rates and pay one fair transfer fee.

That means more money to:

  • ? Send to family
  • ? Pay university tuition fees
  • ? Receive payments in another currency

Don’t compromise on service

In CurrencyFair, our competitive exchange rates don’t come at the expense of world-class service.  We have a 5-star rating of 9.4 on independent review site Trustpilot, and our customer support team (with real humans) are on hand to help you if you need them.


With CurrencyFair you get:

✅ Bank-beating exchange rates

✅ Pay a fair transfer fee - for all size transfers

✅ Regulated, secure money transfers

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