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Introducing same-day AED transfers

AED Update: Introducing faster, cheaper, same-day AED transfers.

During Ramadan, there will be some things that are different if you are living and working in the UAE. Different working hours, opening hours for restaurants, shopping malls, commuting times even parking.

There is also something different happening for CurrencyFair customers in the UAE or anyone who is transferring out Emirati Dirham from their CurrencyFair account.

Same Day AED Transfers for just AED15

We work constantly with leading banking partners around the world to ensure our community has the fastest and cheapest ways to send money overseas.

We are delighted to announce that now, when you are sending AED to another AED bank account held in the UAE, with CurrencyFair there are:

  • Same Day Transfers - CurrencyFair now offer Same Day Transfers when instructed by 9:30am (UK/Ireland), which means you can exchange at the best available rates and transfer out all in the one day.*

  • No more intermediary fees - now you only pay one small fair fee of AED15 fee with CurrencyFair to transfer your Emirati Dirham out and no longer face sneaky third party intermediary bank fees.**

So now, when exchanging money with CurrencyFair into AED at our bank-beating rates, you will no longer have to pay any intermediary fees, and the funds will arrive that same business day.

You can’t get any fairer than that.

Ramadan Kareem.

*The UAE working week runs Sunday to Thursday. Transfers out may take longer to process over the weekend. The cut off time for local transfers is 9:30am UK/Ireland time.

**Non-local AED transfers will still be sent via SWIFT and may incur intermediary fees.

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