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CurrencyFair celebrates 10 years of business.

A CurrencyFair milestone

Another CurrencyFair milestone reached.

This month CurrencyFair celebrates our customers working together on our platform to get better exchange rates and beat the system.

The story of CurrencyFair belongs to our customers. To mark our 10 year milestone we are highlighting the nationalities, most ❤️ currencies of our community and much more.

We’re also showcasing the growing savings of our personal and business customers who use CurrencyFair to trade money, beating the system of unfair rates and fees.

Because we would not be celebrating the big 1-0 without them.

currencyfair infographic 10 years in business

Help us celebrate by sharing the ‘fair and referring your friends to CurrencyFair  - we salute them too! ?

To everyone with us on this 10 year journey, thanks for making our community of savers a great place to be.

Yours fairly

The CurrencyFair Team

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