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Brexit: remain a friend | CurrencyFair

The UK may be leaving the EU, but you can always remain friends

The world is watching Brexit unfold. That is why we have opened our Remain a Friend offer to all of our customers, wherever they are, not just in the UK or EU.

Regardless of where you live in the world, there is no shortage of people with opinions about Brexit. Whether you like your Brexit hard or soft boiled, deal or no deal, one thing is for certain – temperatures are at a boiling point.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the last 70-odd years, the United Kingdom (UK) and other EU (European Union) member states have been friends and allies. For the most part, anyway.

As the UK seeks to withdraw from the EU, we at CurrencyFair believe there’s never been a better time to nurture that mid-century modern spirit of amity and cooperation.

That’s why we’re inviting all customers around the world to extend olive branches across the continental divide in the form of their CurrencyFair referral code.


In these challenging Brexit times, gift friends and family a handy €40 as part of our “Remain A Friend” program

Finally a plan parties on both sides can agree on.

Who is eligible to earn the €40 cash bonus?

Anyone who shares their referral code with a friend between now and 23:59 30 April, 2019, you could both earn €40 – and best of all there is no limit to the amount of cash bonuses you could receive.

Just doing our bit to improve international relations.

Where do I find this referral code?

Your referral code is available on the  Refer a Friend page on or in the “My Account” section in our iOS or Android apps.

How do I share it?

There are so many ways to share your referral code. Email the code or share it out via Twitter and Facebook.

All the ways to share are found on our dedicated referral page that you can access when logged into your CurrencyFair account.

There is even a link in the bottom of our emails. ?

Do any Terms and Conditions apply? *

You need to open a CurrencyFair account, verify your identity and share your RAF code.
Anyone that you refer will need to do a minimum transfer of €2000 or equivalent to qualify for a RAF cash bonus and for any bonus to be paid to your account.

This offer ends at 23:59 on 30 April, 2019.

How do I know when someone uses my link?

Whenever someone uses your RAF code or link to sign up, they’ll appear under My Referrals in our app so you can keep track of how many people you’ve referred to CurrencyFair.

In the website under Transaction Overview, you can see the details every time your account is credited when a referral qualifies for their reward using your unique RAF code.

As we’re a peer-to-peer marketplace, the more people who use us, the better the exchange rates become. So the more people you refer to CurrencyFair, the more money you can earn.


Terms & Conditions

  • From now until 23:59 on 30 April, 2019 customers who refer a friend to CurrencyFair that trades minimum of €2,000 will receive the enhanced €40 cash bonus

  • The €40 cash bonus will be credited when a person you referred via your code or link carries out a trade and transfer using CurrencyFair. The minimum transfer required is €2000 or the equivalent in the relevant currency

  • You must verify your identity with CurrencyFair before any cash rewards are paid

  • Offer expires at 23:59 30 April, 2019

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