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CurrencyFair now powered by AWS.

CurrencyFair moves to the AWS cloud with version 1

So far, 2019 has been a busy year for us. The addition of new currencies, new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, and even some new product features like our Alexa Skill, all demonstrate how we constantly seek to improve our service. We strive to give our customers value-for-money by finding ways to speed up, streamline and broaden what we do.

We work to keep our technology refreshed and cutting-edge, without taking shortcuts on the things that matter to us and to our customers. Our latest tech update includes moving all the components of our currency exchange and transfer platform onto the Amazon Web Services cloud – all whilst our site and services were still in operation. There was no downtime for our customers, who maintained access to their CurrencyFair accounts across the world at all times during the transition.

This means that instead of our platform infrastructure running from a Dublin based data-centre, it now operates from a range of Amazon-supported regions, including Europe, Asia-Pacific and Singapore. These regions ensure that our platform works efficiently on a global scale, and keep our applications quick and responsive wherever our customers are based.  The servers allow us to take full advantage of Amazon Web Services technology and are built with the scalability, flexibility and security needed to handle CurrencyFair’s growing global presence.

“Moving to the Cloud gives us the opportunity to operate on a larger scale and to evolve to our growing customer base’s needs as efficiently as possible,” said CurrencyFair Chief Technical Officer, Eoin Greene.

“Getting to the Cloud was the first step – now our customers are seeing the benefit of being there.”

CurrencyFair engineers can now dedicate more time to improving and adding new products, services and currencies to the platform thanks to infrastructure management and continuous delivery supported by AWS ‘out of the box.’

Due in no small part to our partnership with Amazon Web Services and Version 1, CurrencyFair is growing its business while keeping its most important values of safety, security and reliability in check. Customers can expect the same great CurrencyFair service – only this time on a bigger and better scale.


We migrated to AWS with the help of Version 1, who have been our IT partner for 10 years running.

Watch Version 1’s video all about our move to the AWS Cloud below:

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