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What's the best option for EUR-GBP transfers between France and the UK?

Transferring money from France to the UK?

Monito think CurrencyFair is the best choice for EUR/GBP exchanges

If you need to send between €750 and €15,000 to the UK, CurrencyFair offers the best value. This is, according to comparison website, a result of our "very good exchange rate and low fees".

In fact, CurrencyFair offered the best value on 45% of the transfer amounts included!

At the time of our analysis (4th April 2017), CurrencyFair was dominating the largest range of amounts between €750 and €15,000


Since 2013, Monito has been offering migrants, expatriates and international students all the information they need to find better, easier and fairer ways to send money internationally.

Their reasons for creating the business echo our own:

"we stay firmly committed to our mission of empowering our users to triumph over unfair transfer fees for the better."

You can see Monito's results below, or read their analysis here.


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