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CurrencyFair saves...marriages

While CurrencyFair might not be rescuing kittens from trees or helping people safely cross the road, we like to think we are doing good in some very important ways–ways that matter to our customers.


Every day, CurrencyFair customers from all over the world rely on us to help them save money on their currency transfers. Occasionally, they might run into problems and need our help, and that's when our friendly customer experience team are there to offer support.

CurrencyFair…saves marriages

Yes, we are cheaper than a typical bank, but we are also better value than a marriage guidance counsellor.  Recently a CurrencyFair customer was so thankful for a well-timed email from our customer experience team updating them on the status of their transfer, they replied to say:


"Brilliant! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in responding so quickly and reassuringly. My wife is talking to me again!! As I said earlier it was not your efficiency that was in doubt, but mine."(Anonymous)


Our customers trust CurrencyFair with their money transfers. All trades, big and small, carry the same importance for them, their family, their friends or their business. Prompt communication with our customers by phone or email is just one way our experience team lets a customer know the status and security of their funds.


Currencyfair...protects jobs

screenshot of customer review titled currencyfair exchange rates are imossible to beat

Businesses have suppliers, customers and employees that rely on them. People who are impacted directly by the success of the business.  Managing all these parties means that a business owner has a lot on their plate.


That is why our customer experience team is here to catch anything that falls over the edge for them when sending money abroad with CurrencyFair. For CurrencyFair customer, the Book Bungalow, this support saved not only money on their transfer, but maybe even someone's job.


CurrencyFair...delivers peace of mind

screenshot of customer review titled power to the people

Taken from our Trustpilot reviews, another customer shared his story about how the person-to-person experience in CurrencyFair took his worries away.

An error made while setting up his transfer “worried the life” out of him, so he got in touch with the team in CurrencyFair HQ.  It was by speaking directly to someone in CurrencyFair that he got the person-to-person help to not only resolve the problem but deliver peace of mind.

These stories (and our industry-leading 9.4 rating on Trustpilot ?) confirm we are not just saving money for our customers, but the “real person” support offered by our customer experience team rescues our community of savers from unnecessary stress and worry for them and their family.

International money transfers mean more than money for our customers, so it means more to us.

Got a unique story about using CurrencyFair? Get in touch, we would love to share it

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