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Take Control with Multi-User Access

Multi-user access has arrived!

Our exciting new feature allows you to delegate access to your team, assign tailored roles and permissions, and take control of your business’s payments by enabling two-step approval.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of multi-user access:

Save time

Add up to eight team members and tailor each of their permissions. By delegating access to your team, you can optimise your time and streamline the way you receive, exchange, and make payments from your account.

Gain peace of mind

With our two-step approval feature, you can rest assured that nothing leaves your account without your approval. This optional layer of security allows you to approve or decline outgoing payments before they leave your account.

You can also delegate who can approve or decline these requests and set thresholds in your default currency for which transactions will require two-step approval.

“Our customers had previously told us that multi-user access was a feature they’d like to see on CurrencyFair, and so we got to work,” says Kent Henderson, Senior Product Manager.

“We maintained close contact with our business customers throughout the build to ensure we ticked every box. As each business is unique, we’ve empowered our customers to get granular in terms of what they're looking for - that’s why permissions are highly configurable and thresholds can be set for when two-step approval is required for an outgoing payment.

“We’re delighted with how user-friendly and intuitive our new feature is, and we’re already hearing about the time savings business owners are getting from this feature, allowing them to spend more time growing their business while their staff keep the day-to-day international payments moving,” he adds.

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