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Connect to Xero: Reconcile payments automatically

At CurrencyFair, we help businesses of all sizes save money, save time, and stay in control of their businesses. We do this by providing not only bank-beating FX rates but also smart features that streamline payment processes.

Time-consuming tasks like manual payment reconciliation are something business owners and finance teams can do without. One way we have remedied this is through our integration with Xero - the world's leading cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

How can you benefit from integrating Xero with a CurrencyFair Business account?


  • Effortlessly reconcile payments: Reconcile payments automatically within seconds or group similar transactions and match them in one go.

  • Instantly connect currencies: Create and pair currency balances with a corresponding account in Xero. You can also instantly use the multi-currency* feature in Xero to sync different currencies.

  • Easy to manage: Account syncing has never been this easy. Update, add or remove connections at any time. All your CurrencyFair currency account balances sync seamlessly with Xero.


Existing customer? Here is how you connect to Xero *:

    1. Log in to your CurrencyFair business account

    2. Go to the “My Profile” page and click “Connect to Xero”. Xero can be found at the bottom of the “My Product” page under the “Region and Language” section.

find xero in my profile
xero integration in CurrencyFair dashboard

    1. Click “Connect to Xero” to finish the integration.

connect CurrencyFair to Xero

  1. When you integrate CurrencyFair with your Xero account, you have full control over which currencies sync to Xero and you can edit your account at any time.


Why should Xero customers connect with CurrencyFair?

  • Save money:

You can send 20+ currencies to 150+ countries and access rates up to 8x cheaper than the banks. Quick transfer times often within 24 hours. Trading globally has never been easier.

  • Secure & Supported:

CurrencyFair is fully licensed, regulated and compliant in each territory we operate in and our service is rated as best-in-class. So business owners can enjoy bank-level security, without the hassle of a bank.

  • Exchange on your terms:

We are the only platform that empowers you to set your own FX rate. Customers could even beat the rate you see on Google by using our unique peer-to-peer marketplace.


Terms & Conditions:

  • * You need to have a Xero account to use this feature, find for more information here.


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