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The food lover's guide to South Africa

South Africa is a nation of diverse cultures and a significant immigrant population. This makes the food in the most southerly of Africa’s nations fascinating and global. With diverse climates and lots of food influences, South Africa is a diner’s wonderland. The country has a healthy food blogging culture that you can be a part of now that you are going to live there. These are a few great blogs to get you started.



Whipping It Up - More than simply food, this is a blog about sustainable agriculture. The recipes and photos are great. Whipping It Up will introduce you to South Africa with everything from fine dining to worm farming. Check out what the leading edge of sustainable South African agriculture looks like.

UndomestiKATEd - UndomestiKATEd is anything but. Kate Liquorish makes some of the most amazing foods, always with an eye toward local ingredients. Chicken and Pawpaw Skewers is just one of the most recent mouth-watering food experiences she has shared with readers. The photos are wonderful and the recipes are complete and detailed.

Taryne Jakobi Styling - Taryne Jakobi has decades of experience as a food stylist and it shows on this blog. The photos are extraordinary and she offers a breath-taking glimpse into food styling. Each blog entry is dedicated to a photo shoot, every image of which is impeccably designed. This is the art side of the food industry from a master.

The Boozy Prune - The Boozy Prune is both a food blog and a travel journal. The categories are well organized so readers can find anything that they want. The travels around the world only make the recipes and foods from home, in South Africa, all the more delicious. A love of food often marries with wanderlust and this blog embodies that impeccably.

The Complete Book - Food is only a part of this blog. There is a lot of travel and life too. Mandy’s blog is a great tour of taste and sights in and around South Africa. Everything from tea to fine pastries, Mandy does a great job of creating a wonderful written journey that readers can follow along and enjoy.

Easy Cooking - Nina Timm is more than just a food blogger; she is one of South Africa’s most popular foodies. Nina’s recipes encompass nearly every food style and culture in the world, but she offers a personal, South African twist on each one.

Cape Town

PinkPolkaDotFood - This is an adventurous food blog filled with great recipes and lots of interesting flavors. Zirkie supplies a weekly menu, a food quiz, and a directory of festivals and markets. Her photographs clearly highlight her cooking skills and her recipes are easy to follow. This is a great resource for anyone who has recently arrived in South Africa.

Rumtumtiggs - What happens when you combine great ingredients from South Africa, great cooking skills, and outstanding photography? Rumtumtiggs. Wonderful sweets and delectable entrees are all over this blog from Cape Town. This is not a sterile ‘strictly food’ blog, but a peek into one person’s life as lived through food and writing.

WhatsForSupper-Juno - Jane-Anne Hobbs is a published cookbook author whose food is exactly what her blog is named – Scrumptious. Inspired by African spices, these recipes are the finest that the nation of South Africa can offer, reinforced by excellent photography and a gifted recipe writer. She makes every dish, from the simplest to the most complex, achievable and scrumptious.


Shades of Cinnamon - Ev writes from the East Coast of South Africa with a passion for food that is unparalleled. She cooks outstanding dishes, then takes magazine quality photos of them. She shares more than simply her food. She is also a traveler and lifestyle blogger who blends it all together to great effect. This is a foodie’s blog no matter what country you are in, but so much better when you are living in South Africa with her.


There Can Be Only Juan - This is a recipe blog that is ideal for even the most novice cook. Juanita takes readers through her recipes step by step with photos and detailed instructions. Every course is covered as she presents some of the most amazing fresh and delicious foods. She also does product reviews and lots more with everything written as a conversation with her readers.


Pomegranate Days - Though written from a mother's perspective, this is more than just a 'mummy' blog. Sam creates delectable meals and treats from soups to soufflés. Her blog is a European inspired food tour of South Africa. She incorporates the ingredients and styles of her home country in some of the great dishes of the world.

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