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The food lover's guide to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), or simply the Emirates, is an exciting federation of seven emirates, or kingdoms, each ruled by a hereditary monarch. The UAE is not only one of the most vibrant places in the world, it's also a hotbed of passionate food bloggers. 


Possibly one of the most unique nations in the world, the Emirates is comprised of only around 17% Emirati citizens. The rest of the population is comprised of immigrants who have moved to the nation for business and seeking work. This influx of new ideas and backgrounds gives the UAE one of the world’s most diverse cultures. So wherever you are coming from, you will fit right in.


These are just a few of the outstanding food blogs coming from this great food lovers' paradise.



Dima Sharif - Filled with succulent photographs and lots of recipes, Dima Sharif is a multi-media powerhouse with an active YouTube channel, Twitter feed, and more, all originating from her award-winning blog. The foods that she profiles come from all over the world, each given a personal and regional flare by Dima. Whether you have already relocated to the Emirates or are just thinking about it, check out this blog for an idea of what great food in the region is like.


Lady And Her Sweet Escapes - A Filipino ex-pat living in Dubai, “Lady Anne Abit” has as wonderful blog filled with food and interesting tidbits of life in one of the world’s wealthiest nations. Dubai is filled with great cafés and restaurants, many of them that mix arts and culture with amazing dining. If Dubai is your destination, this is a blog that you must read.


Mind The Gap – This dual language blog (Arabic and English) is filled with restaurant reviews, recipes, and much more. A fashion and food blogger, as well as a mother, Miriam takes us on a tour of the world from the point of view of an Emirati. Her recipes include step-by-step photos, and she samples her way through the UAE’s best restaurants and cafes.


Coffee Cakes And Running - Debbie is an ex-pat living in Dubai who has taken her blogging to the next level. She not only writes a great blog with great photos, but she is the editor of an online magazine for regional food bloggers. Her posts on Coffee Cakes and Running show the succulent treats that she creates and finds in her life around the Emirates.


Abu Dhabi

Life In Abu Dhabi - The Watson family, formerly from Sweden and Australia, share the food adventures of adults and children alike. For someone arriving to Abu Dhabi, this is a great blog about the real life of an ex-patriate family in the UAE.


Foodie and Fabulous – From weekend getaways on the Arabian Peninsula to dishes from her homeland of Goa, India, this ex-pat has made a wonderful home in the UAE. Rupal does an excellent job of melding her homeland with her new chosen home. She does restaurants reviews and looks at ingredients from a global perspective from her home in Abu Dhabi.


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