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Money transfer companies compared: Poland

If you need to send money abroad from Poland, this information could help you save time and money. We investigated some leading money transfer companies available in Poland for anyone planning to send money abroad by comparing how much it would cost to send and convert 5,000 złoty (PLN) from Poland to British pound sterling (GBP). Read on to get into the details of each of the money transfer companies we compared.

How much does it cost to send money abroad from Poland?

Money transfer companies operate by charging an additional margin to the currency market exchange rate, transfer fees or a combination of both. For a more detailed look at sending money abroad and what impacts those costs, check out our guide: Sending money abroad: a guide to international money transfers.

CurrencyFair is up to eight times cheaper than sending money abroad with a traditional money transfer provider. You can access great exchange rates in Poland from any device, at any time, and send and receive international money transfers in over 20 currencies with a CurrencyFair account.

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Some providers hide fees and charges in their exchange rate or make information on them difficult to find on their websites. Others use complicated terms and conditions around their fees. At CurrencyFair, our fee is always just £2.50 (or currency equivalent), regardless of the amount you're sending. We also empower our customers to choose their own exchange rates on our Marketplace.

Money transfer companies in Poland compared:

Money transfer company

Exchange rate and fees

Delivery time

Final amount sent (including fees)

Final amount received

ACE Money Transfer

11:05, 11 February 2022

First time transfer: 1 PLN  = 0.1862 GBP. This exchange rate is only offered as an introductory rate, it goes down to 1 PLN  = 0.1854 GBP after your first transfer.
Fees: 50 PLN after first transfer

One - two days


931 GBP


10:37, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.18498 GBP
Fees: 2.50 GBP, or currency equivalent, always.

One - five days 

5,000 PLN

922.40 GBP


​​10:59, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.185870 GBP

Fees: 39.41 PLN

Its fees increase the more you send, see below for more info.


4,960.59 PLN

922.02 GBP


10:49, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.1844 GBP

Fees: 15 PLN


5,015 PLN

922 GBP

World Remit

10:53, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.18371 GBP

Fees: 16 PLN

One day

5,016 PLN

918.55 GBP

Western Union

10:52, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.1800 GBP

Fees: 4.90 PLN

Fees vary depending on a range of factors.

One day

5,004.90 PLN

900 GBP


10:56, 11 February

1 PLN = 0.1796 GBP

Fees: Unspecified

One day

5,000 PLN

897.85 GBP

ACE money transfer logo.

Using ACE Money Transfer for money transfers from Poland

Aftab Currency Exchange Limited, trading as ACE Money Transfer, provides remittance services from 23 countries to 106 countries worldwide, including Poland. You can pay for online transfers using ACE Money Transfer with a debit or credit card, or using an online bank transfer. It charges fees based on a percentage of the total amount you're sending.

It offered an introductory exchange rate for new customers of 1 PLN = 0.1862 GBP (11:05, 11 February), with no fees for the first transfer.

After your first transfer, the transfer fee goes up to 10% of your transaction cost and the exchange rate goes down to 1 PLN = 0.1854 GBP. To transfer 5,000 PLN, the transfer fee would be 50 PLN. To transfer 5,000 PLN from Poland to British pounds for the first time as a new customer using ACE Money Transfer, the recipient would get 931 GBP. You also can't send more than 81788.44 PLN to the United Kingdom, which isn't ideal for larger transfers.

At CurrencyFair, our fee is always just £2.50 (or currency equivalent), regardless of the amount you're sending.

Screenshot from the ACE money transfer website showing a transfer of 5000 PLN to GBP.
Exchange rate and fee accurate as of 11:05, 11 February 2022

PayPal logo.

Using PayPal for money transfers from Poland

PayPal is a popular digital payment platform that offers money transfers and international payments. Despite its popularity, PayPal is one of the more expensive ways to transfer money abroad.

The PayPal fee structure calculates a currency conversion fee of up to 4% that is adjusted and retained by PayPal in its exchange rates. Then, there is a personal payment fee followed by a small fixed fee for the money transfer. The PayPal personal payment fee depends not only on the country of the recipient but also on the country of the sender. Learn more with our guide: Avoiding PayPal's Currency Conversion Fees.

To transfer 5,000 PLN from Poland to pound sterling it offered an exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.1796 GBP (10:56, 11 February), meaning the recipient will receive 897.85 GBP.

A screenshot from PayPal showing the conversion amount of 5000 PLN to GBP.
Exchange rate and fee accurate as of 10:56, 11 February 2022

Western Union logo.

Using Western Union for money transfers from Poland

Western Union is one of the largest remittance companies in the world, with over 500,000 agent locations. Its exchange rate changes depending on the delivery and payment method you choose. Its fees vary depending on a range of factors, such as ​​the destination country you're sending to, the way you pay for your transfer and the way you want your recipient to get the money.

To send 5,000 PLN from Poland to pound sterling it offered an exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.1800 GBP (10:52, 11 February). If you'd like to pay online by bank transfer and send it to the recipient's bank account, there is a 4.90 PLN fee. So for 5,004.90 PLN, the recipient will get 900 GBP, with an estimated delivery time of one business day.

Western Union doesn't accept business payments, and you are limited to sending 20,000 PLN per day. When paying for the bigger things in life, such as buying property overseas, paying for education abroad or transferring your savings, this can be at best inconvenient and at worst, unworkable.
Breaking up a large transaction over several days is not only annoying, it can also end up a lot more expensive thanks to fees getting incurred every time. With CurrencyFair, you can send up to 98,000,000 PLN per transfer from Poland, and we offer tailored solutions for our business customers.

Why choose CurrencyFair for your business?

A screenshot from Western Union's website showing the conversion rate for 5,000 PLN to GBP.

Exchange rate and fee accurate as of 10:52, 11 February 2022

Wise logo.

Using Wise for money transfers from Poland

Wise is a money transfer provider headquartered in England. Depending on how quickly you need the funds to reach the recipient, you can opt for different tiers of transfer speed with different costs.

To send 5,000 PLN from Poland into GBP using a debit card it offered an exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.185870 GBP (10:59, 11 February), with a 39.41 PLN fee. So 4,960.59 PLN gets exchanged into 922.02 GBP, and should be delivered within seconds.

A screenshot from the Wise website showing the conversion rate for 5,000 PLN to GBP.

Exchange rate and fee accurate as of 10:59, 11 February 202

However, its fees can snowball when you send larger amounts and can fluctuate depending on which currencies you're converting. The table below demonstrates how these fees can add up, particularly if you're transferring a large amount.

Amount sent with Wise

Fees to send money using your debit or credit card

Fees to send money from your bank account

5,000 PLN

39.41 PLN

27 PLN

10,000 PLN

76.70 PLN

51.88 PLN

100,000 PLN 

Not available for this transfer quantity.

499.64 PLN 

Fees accurate as of 12:30, 14 February 2022

At CurrencyFair, our £2.50 (or currency equivalent) fee stays the same, whether you're transferring 500 or 5,000,000.

World remit logo.

Using WorldRemit for money transfers from Poland

WorldRemit is a remittance company founded in 2010. It's headquartered in London and operates globally in over 150 countries. Its transfer fees and exchange rates vary depending on the country you're sending to, the amount you're sending and the delivery method you choose.

To transfer 5,000 PLN to British pounds, WorldRemit offered an exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.18371 GBP (10:53, 11 February). If you pay by bank transfer and send it into the recipient's bank account, it adds 16 PLN in fees. So for 5,016 PLN, the recipient will receive 918.55 GBP.

A screenshot from WorldRemit's website showing the conversion rate from 5,000 PLN to GBP.

Fees accurate as of 10:53, 11 February 2022

XE logo.

Using XE for money transfers from Poland

XE is part of the Euronet Worldwide group and forms the third-largest money transfer business in the world. It offered an exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.1844 GBP (10:49, 11 February) with a fee of 15 PLN, so sending 5,015 PLN converts to 922 GBP.

Under its FAQs, it states that: “Your money will reach its destination quickly, securely, and with no hidden fees”. However, it also states that: “Some money transfers are subject to a small fee”, without specifying what transfers are subject to them, and how much they might be.

CurrencyFair's transparent fees are fixed at £2.50 (or currency equivalent) for transfers from Poland.

A screenshot from XE's website showing the conversion rate from 5,000 PLN to GBP.

Fees and rate accurate as of 10:49, 11 February 2022


Using CurrencyFair for money transfers from Poland

CurrencyFair was founded in 2009 and offers secure money transfers to over 150 countries and over 20 currencies, including Poland. Our exchange rate of 1 PLN = 0.18498 GBP (10:37, 11 February) includes our £2.50 fee, meaning when you send 5,000 PLN to pound sterling, the recipient will get 922.40 GBP.

A screenshot from CurrencyFair's website showing the conversion rate from 5,000 PLN to GBP.

Exchange rate and fee accurate as of 10:37, 11 February 2022

You can choose to send money immediately with our quick, low-cost money transfers, or set your own rate on our Marketplace, and wait for the market to meet it — meaning you could even beat the exchange rate that you see on Google.

Join over 170,000 happy customers who have saved millions with CurrencyFair.

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If you're sending money abroad from somewhere else in the world, compare the money transfer providers available in the following countries below:

This information is correct as of 11 February 2022. This information is not to be relied on in making a decision with regard to an investment. We strongly recommend that you obtain independent financial advice before making any form of investment or significant financial transaction. This article is purely for general information purposes. Photo by Iwona Castiello d'Antonio on Unsplash.

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