The best way to send money to India from Italy

The best way to send money to India from Italy

Sending money from Italy to India?

Do you need to send your EUR home? Are you using a bank or online money transfer provider to transfer money to India?

CurrencyFair is the fast, easy and low cost way to remit euros from Italy to India. Save money on transfers of Euro to Indian Rupee with CurrencyFair and exchange your Euro at the best available rates - up to 8x cheaper than a typical bank.

CurrencyFair offers an exchange rate that is usually just 0.5% away to the market rate. Most high-street banks, brokers and even Western Union hide their charges in their exchange rate, more of your money wasted on bad exchange rates and hidden charges.

The best way to send money to India from Italy:

  1. Find the money transfer provider that will offer you the best available exchange rates to send money to India from Italy.

  2. Remember, banks and other transfer providers often have hidden markups and sneaky fees they charge you for your money transfers. Ask them what their margin is to send your money to India.

How CurrencyFair is different:

  • Our bank-beating exchange rates mean you avoid hidden mark-ups and excessive fees charged by banks and brokers, helping you send INR at the best available rates

  • Unlike traditional providers, we have no minimum or maximum whether you need to exchange €1,000, €5,000 or €10,000 to Rupees.

  • You can transfer your Indian Rupee for free (for a limited time only).

  • You can do all this in your account anytime, anywhere on, or from our iOS or Android apps.

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If you want to know more, read how exactly to send your money into CurrencyFair to be exchanged at the best available rates into INR.

There are many reasons you might need to exchange your Euro to Indian Rupee:

  • To send money to friends and family in India.

  • Transfer EUR to your savings account back home.

  • Manage payments in INR for your business.

For all these reasons and more, CurrencyFair offers the speed, security, support and best of all, the cheaper way to send your EUR to India.

We have a 5 star rating on Trustpilot and some very happy customers:

Send money the fair way - send it with CurrencyFair.



Terms & Conditions

  • From January 21st, customers who transfer out Indian Rupees from their CurrencyFair account will not be charged a transfer-out fee - typically INR120. This offer expires 31 May 2019.