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Save, print and share single and multi-currency statements

The CurrencyFair account for our personal and business customers just got even better. Now customers can view, print, download and share statements of every balance you hold for easier tax returns and invoicing.


CurrencyFair senior product manager Kent Henderson led the team that delivered these new changes to benefit not only our personal customers but especially a business finance team:


"With the update to Statements, customers can now see more information about deposits and save time with more flexible formats for exporting transaction data.


Be month-end ready

View debits, credits, fees and exchanges in each currency you manage, plus their opening and closing balances to reconcile even sooner.


See deposit details

See the amount, description and processing date of any third-party payments into your account in the 12 months.


Custom currency view

Choose to view statements for individual currencies or get a handy multi-currency view in one statement that shows you all the details you need.


Customise dates

View transactions from the previous month, three months, 12 months or enter a custom range.


Print, save or share

Download currency transactions as a CSV file or a PDF to share with a third-party to let them know that their money's on the way.


Export statements

Export in a three column or four column format CSV file or a Xero-based format. Share with your accountant or use this yourself.

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