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Exchanging AUD to EUR this Christmas?

Exchanging AUD to EUR this Christmas? Enjoy 50% off

To celebrate the festive season, we're offering 50% cheaper Australian dollar (AUD) to euro (EUR) transfers! 

With CurrencyFair you can now avail of our special margin of just 0.22%, meaning more money in your pocket this Christmas.*

Don't miss out

We're also celebrating topping popular financial comparison site Monito's list for offering the best deal on AUD to EUR transfers across a range of transfer amounts including AUD$5,000, AUD$10,000 and AUD$15,000**.

Monito shows that when transferring AUD$5,000 to AUD, you're AUD$299.38 better off using CurrencyFair compared to Commonwealth Bank (comparison conducted 12:11pm 2 December 2020). 

Taking the total cost of the transfer into account, Monito estimates that using Commonwealth Bank is approximately 17x more expensive than CurrencyFair for this transaction. 

Irish-Australian Olympian and CurrencyFair ambassador, Sinead Diver, said: “CurrencyFair [are] really connected to the story of expats abroad and have been giving us a cheaper alternative when sending money overseas for over ten years. I know first-hand how costly it can be using traditional providers.”

“CurrencyFair's service is fast, they charge a standard flat fee, people and businesses get great rates and you can access the platform from anywhere in the world.”

Why is CurrencyFair so much cheaper? It's simply due to our low-margin exchange rates.

We also have local bank accounts across the globe, meaning our customers' international money transfers are treated as domestic transfers, saving you time and money.

Get started now

*Customers wishing to transfer between AUD$2,000 and AUD$4,999 to euro will now receive a reduced margin of 0.22%.
** As at Friday 27 November



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