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Why Do British Expats Move To Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for British expats.

Perhaps it’s the climate, the common language, or the promise of barbecues at Christmas.

The last Australian census in 2016 revealed that out of the total population of 23.4 million, 6.1 million people residing in Australia were born overseas. Of those born overseas, the UK made up the largest proportion (over 1 million).

In fact, people born in the UK have consistently made up the largest proportion of the overseas-born population in all Australian censuses since 1901.

According to a recent report from the Department of Home Affairs, a record 9.6 million temporary and permanent visa applications were filed between 2018 and 2019, with 8.8 million temporary visas being granted.

With almost 10 million people from across the globe seeking a new start in Australia, we’ve done some digging to gain an insight into what makes Australia such a popular expat destination.

Australian Weather

Starting with an easy one, the weather in Australia is generally a lot better than back in the UK. In fact 2019 was the warmest and driest year on record for Australia. It should be noted, however, that a severe drought gripped the continent in the same year.

The UK is much chillier, with an average annual temperature of just 12 degrees Celsius, and the average annual rainfall reading 1154mm - over four times as much as Australia (277.6 mm).

Cost of living in Australia

Sydney is currently ranked in the 32nd position in a 2020 Numbeo cost of living ranking, with an index of 66.68 for everyday expenses such as groceries, transport costs, and accommodation costs (such as rent or a mortgage).

On the other hand, London has a higher cost of living plus rent index - coming in at 17th on the list.



Random facts about Australia

One of the great things about Australians, from our experience, is their relaxed attitude to, well, almost everything. As casual as casual can be, expats are welcomed into communities and workplaces with ease.

You might be surprised at their relaxed nature, given the abundance of deadly animals in Australia. Killer snails are a real thing, as are the more well-known spiders – the Funnel Web being the scariest looking of the lot.

We also have saltwater crocodiles up north, the largest living reptile with the strongest bite of any animal. They’re responsible for only 1-2 deaths each year, most people falling victim while sleeping near rivers. So yeah, don’t fall asleep – anywhere.

On a lighter note, here’s another random fact. Did you know an Australian invented the rotary clothesline? Lance Hill is credited with the first successful manufacturing of rotary lines, known as "Hills Hoists". The idea, however, stretches back as far as 1895, when two Adelaide workers applied for a patent for an “Improved Rotary and Tilting Clothes Drying Rack”.

So if you’re looking to emigrate to a warmer climate, easier lifestyle and lower cost of living, moving to Australia from the UK isn’t a bad idea at all!

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