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#CommunityStory: Moving funds from Poland to France

Transparent and straight-forward

How a Google employee used CurrencyFair to invest in a French property

Balancing life and work in today’s fast-paced world is often a struggle. Focusing on delivering results in your career while prioritising quality time for your personal life keeps everyone busy.

So any company that wants to make (the in-between bits of) your life that bit easier to understand, is invaluable.

For one Google employee, she found the little details of her experience with CurrencyFair made us stand out from the crowd.

What was going on in your life that made you seek out CurrencyFair?

I work for Google in Dublin, and as an investment I own an apartment in Poland. This apartment is rented out and I wanted to take the rental income that I had saved in Zloty and exchange it to Euros in CurrencyFair. I was then going to use this as a payment towards purchasing an apartment in France.

There are so many beautiful locations in France to choose from - where did you buy?
I bought in the French Alps. As a family we love skiing.

What was so appealing about this apartment?

The property is a new build so it meant I wouldn’t have to renovate it or look at getting any building work done. It’s a hassle-free purchase.

Was there anything that stood out about your experience with CurrencyFair?

Overall it was just super easy and super straight-forward to use. It was really helpful to see the estimate of exactly how much would be transferred - for example what a certain amount of Polish Zloty would convert to in Euro. For me the entire process was clear. I received an email after my transaction confirming all the details and savings with my transfer, giving me confidence in every step of the process. Once the money reached my bank account, all the information was clearly presented - I didn't have to figure it out.

Did your funds arrive on time?

Yes - the speed of the transaction was impressive and most importantly I got the funds delivered in time for the purchase. It was done very fast, the estimated time quoted by CurrencyFair was accurate and my deadline to have the funds transferred was met. I couldn’t be happier.

When it comes to currency exchange, what does “fair” mean to you?

There’s a really strong sense of fairness when using CurrencyFair. The idea that technology is changing the traditional methods of banking to make money transfers fair is great . For me, it’s the satisfaction of getting a great deal, and knowing the amount of money I’ve saved by not using the traditional method of transferring with a bank.

What are your plans for 2018?

For now I’m focused on furnishing my new apartment. I definitely see other opportunities to use CurrencyFair in the future, for example with selling company shares. I’ll be converting US Dollars into Euros and transferring them to my bank in Ireland. I will certainly be using CurrencyFair again!

Would you recommend CurrencyFair to others?

Definitely! I’ve already recommended it to other team members, and we’re all very happy!

Being transparent is one of the core principles of CurrencyFair. Our customers can see where their funds are at all times and understand clearly the steps needed to complete their transfer. We are focused on making the transfer of money abroad fair for everyone - by always offering the best available exchange rates and low transfer fees compared to your bank.

This CurrencyFair customer has not received a gratuity in relation to this interview.</font size=2>

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